Services for Home Owners
Building a home or renovating, its an important decision.  
We understand your concerns.


We can assist you in making that home building or renovation easier by providing you with advice about your building contract. 

If you are;  

  • entering into a contract to build or renovate your home.

  • entering to a contract to build a swimming pool.

We can advise you of any pitfalls in the contract or guide you through any difficulties, in a timely manner. 


or if you; 

  • have a dispute with a builder or trade contractor,

  • want to claim on your Home Owners Warranty Insurance,

  • have a dispute with your architect,

  • have a dispute with a swimming pool builder.


We can help you.


You can contact us through the contact form or call Peter Merity Solicitors on (02) 9689 3992.